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We are a team of scientists and communicators on a mission to teach the beauty of quantum science and inform about the impact of quantum technologies to everyone.


Get intuition about quantum phenomena without having to dig into mathematical technicalities.


Access new markets and careers that will emerge around quantum technologies.


Understand quantum technologies and its implications to society.


For educators, students and the curious

We develop stimulating digital content for teachers, students and general public that introduces the basic concepts of quantum mechanics in a playful, clear accurate way.

For companies, policy makers and the media

We offer courses and training materials that explain how quantum technologies work and how they will impact society.


For artists, curators
and cultural managers

We create art-and-science projects and exhibitions inspired by quantum concepts and technologies. We also support artists and cultural agents in producing and showcasing of their own artworks.

Quantum Pills

Do you want to know more about quantum?

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