Sailing Quantum Tour


Sailing Quantum Tour


Imagine this: a quantum physics professor, driven by her passion for sailing and quantum physics, embarks on a solo sailing expedition for an entire year circumnavigating the coasts of Italy. And during the journey, in every stop offering her safe harbour, she unveils in public lectures the wonders of quantum physics and new quantum technologies.

Well well dear readers this is the Sailing Quantum Tour

After months of preparation, in a Sunday of October 2023, Paola Verrucchi —professor of quantum foundations, quantum information and quantum computation at the Università degli Studi di Firenze and researcher at the Institute for Complex Systems of CNR— has started her solo sailing adventure around Italy on board Whisper, a small but elegant sailboat which will travel the sea at a gentle pace with several stops along the way.

In these past months and until the Summer, Paola —with the remote help of the rest of the QPlayLearn team— has been working to bring to a wider audience the wonders of quantum research, in schools or in public lectures open to everyone. 

This extraordinary initiative is supported by Algorithmiq.

What makes this project even more special to us is the genesis of the idea itself, which was developed following the events organised last May in Elba, on the occasion of the first Quantum Sailing Conference and sharing the same spirit as initiatives such as the Quantum Hiking workshop, previously sponsored by Algorithmiq.

Paola, may the wind always be at your back! ⛵


Information for Schools, Municipalities and Organisations


Schools: Paola likes a lot and is very active in outreach and education about quantum science. For 15 years, she has lectured in several high schools for students and teachers. More recently, we have been working together to spread the beauty of quantum physics and the potential of quantum technology to younger kids, aged 8 and up. Overall, Paola will be happy to meet your students, no matter if they are in high-schools, primary or middle schools.


Public events: Paola has participated and organised several outreach events, in very different contexts and for audiences with very different background. The first public conference pioneering the Sailing Quantum Tour was held in Spring 2023 for the town of Portoferraio in Isola D’Elba, from where Paola&Whisper set the sails a few months later.

Do you wish to meet Paola and organise an event within the SQT?
Contact us at contact@qplaylearn.com or using the form below!

If you are curious about Paola & Whisper’s daily adventures, you can follow them here:


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