Photonic Trail Exhibition

The Photonic Trail exhibition is a unique collection of narratives, artistic illustrations and elements of quantum optics explored through an immersive single-player game. It is based on our online game of the same name, The Photonic Trail, an online treasure hunt with six missions covering the basics of quantum optics.  Anyone from beginners to seasoned pros can start exploring the beauty of quantum physics without the need for mathematics!

The exhibition consists of 7 enchanting acrylic illustrations by artist Sibel Kantola, as well as the treasure hunt map printed on fabric.

Along with each illustration, two QR codes are provided: one for listening to the story and the other for the virtual quantum optics lab that is the challenge of the game.

As supplementary material, visitors receive a booklet with the six beautiful stories that guide the player through the Enchanted Realm of the game, as well as the QR codes, so that they can continue playing and learning about quantum optics once they return home. 

Artist: Sibel Kantola.
Stories: Radha Pyari Sandir.
Game: Quantum Flytrap.
Development & Production: QPlayLearn.
Support: University of Helsinki and Aalto University, both part of InstituteQ/Algorithmiq Ltd/QTEdu - QuTE4E.



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